Meet the Team

Our Team

All our staff are experienced in child-care and all staff hold a current First Aid certificate and as a minimum Generalist Safeguarding with most having completed Specialist.  Our staff are our greatest resource and we have an ongoing programe of staff development and training. 


Kate is Manager of all settings,  our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), Safeguarding Lead Professional. Kate is Level 3 in Early Years with over 25 years working in childcare.

June June is level 3 in Early Years,  June is with us 4 days per week and Supervisor in some sessions. June also oversees planning for our Pre-School and mentoring staff.

Donna is level 3 and is currently one of our “Acting Deputies”. Donna is also our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), Safeguarding Lead Professional.



Michele is Level 2 and works in Pre-School and is a Supervisor at After School club. 


Krissy works in Pre-School as an Assistant and is currently studying Level 2 in Early Years.


Rosie is Level 3 and works in Pre School, Breakfast Club and After School club.  Rosie is also currently one of our “Acting Deputies”. Rosie takes a lead in mentoring staff that are training and oversees Learning Journeys and planning.

Pili Pili works in After School Club on Monday and Thursday.
 Caron Caron works during Breakfast Club & After School Club every day and Pre School on a Weds, Thursday and Friday. Caron oversees First Aid supplies.