Parent/Guardian Testimonials

Jane  – Teacher from Bladon Primary School after a recent “Transition” visit  June 2018

 It was so lovely to come and visit WUFA again this week and meet with your staff and children –  I cannot believe it has been a year already since I did my last transition visit for Bladon School.  It is so exciting to see the wonderful changes both inside and outside and how the learning environment is continually changing to meet the differing needs of your children.  The outside area has so much more space now and the mud kitchen was a definite hit.  Your keyworkers made me feel so welcome and spoke so informatively and passionately about the children – I always feel I know the children so much better when I have shared our discussions. Your staff really care about the children and were also asking me about children that had come to us the previous year and asked to be remembered to the children.  So when I returned to my class in the afternoon and told them I had been to see WUFA there were squeals of excitement and so many questions and genuine happiness when I passed on messages from their keyworkers. WUFA really does hold a special place in the hearts of a lot of children.

Thank you so very much and keep up the good work



Theodora – April 2018

“My daughter has been attending WUFA for two years and I can’t praise it enough. She loves her time at WUFA and looks forward to her sessions. The staff are kind, enthusiastic and knowledgeable; they help her to have fun and feel nurtured. I feel involved in her learning because the communication between staff and parents is fantastic. The WUFA team are approachable and always go the extra mile.”

Karen – June 2017

“My son has been at WUFA since he was 2 years old and during that time he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Throughout his time at WUFA he has been looked after brilliantly, and fully supported through his diagnosis and beyond. The staff have all been so kind and responsive to him and his needs. He always has a great time and loves it at WUFA. I can’t thank them enough.”

Emma G – July 2017

“Both my children attended the nursery at WUFA (alongside time in the school nursery) and have continued to use the wrap around facility since. They have always been extremely happy there but this has grown over the past year or so as things have become better and better. The team are very caring and calm with the children and do a fab job! We are sadly leaving Woodstock for a while so will not be using WUFA for a while – happily this frees a place for someone else to find out how great they are. The wraparound is an essential service in Woodstock that gives peace of mind to working parents at the same time as giving children a fun, active time before and after school. Keep up the good work WUFA team!!”

Emma T – July 2017

My children have been attending WUFA for 5 years, currently for breakfast club and after school club. They love attending WUFA, and don’t want to leave when I arrive to pick them up. During their sessions they are able to do a range of activities, which are both engaging and creative. They have had wonderful learning opportunities to develop new skills. The WUFA staff are kind, warm and caring. My children adore them. WUFA is an absolute treasure.

Laura – July 2017

“The team at WUFA are warm, nurturing, patient, kind and make every day really fun for the kids! We moved into the area from abroad, so my son (then 3.5) had a lot of change and upheaval within a short period of time. They allowed him to settle in at his own pace, encouraging him to join in when he wanted to. He now flies through the door every visit with barely a backwards glance! We are so lucky to have found WUFA and recommend it highly”

Krina  – September 2016

“Our 5-year old daughters love going to WUFA after-school club. They have formed strong bonds with the carers as well as older children (a real bonus at school time also). They hugely enjoy the activities and fun they have together in a nurturing environment. As working parents, we would not know what to do without WUFA offering their great after-school care. Highly recommended!”

Naomi  – October 2016

“WUFA has been a very important part of all our lives. When our daughter turned two, we needed a child care setting where we knew our daughter would get support with her developing skills and her budding friendships. WUFA provided all that and much more. In the three years that we have been using their wonderful service, our daughter has been extremely happy.
WUFA understands the needs of parents as well as children and we are extremely grateful for the support and understanding that they have shown us as well as our daughter. “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough”

Nimi  – November 2016

“WUFA is a fantastic organisation that we as a family have now depended on for five years. It enables us to work full working days rather than school hours knowing our daughter is in safe hands in an environment she very much enjoys”

Lucy Barrett – October 2016

“My son started at WUFA when he was three and from the moment he started his confidence grew and he loved every minute! He looks forward to going there everyday and loves the staff  who are friendly, welcoming and have a prime focus on encouraging all the children and having different activities every week, which ticks all the boxes for my son and I. A truly amazing place which I would definitely recommend to anyone!”

Claude Heudi – October 2016

“Both Sebastian and Lewis are enrolled to the After School Club; they’ve been going to WUFA for quite some time now. They really enjoy WUFA.Whenever I pick them up early, they moan. All the carers are brilliant and encourage good behaviour”

Zoe Bake – September 2016

“Both my little boys went to wufa it’s been fab for the last 3 years the ladies are  so lovely never have my boys cried about going in! I would recommend to anyone!”