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Early Years Pupil Premium

WUFA may be able to claim up to £300 per year of funding to support your 3 or 4 year old’s development, learning and care. To find out if you are eligible please follow this link.

Free Early Education for 2 Year Olds

WUFA may also be able to claim funding if your child is 2 years old and you meet the criteria shown here. Please follow the link to check your eligibility.

If you require any help with this please call/email the office.

30 hours free childcare

Working parents may be eligible for an extra 15 hours childcare a week from September 2017.

How it works

All 3 to 4-year-olds in England are entitled to 15 hours a week, or 570 hours a year of free early education.

Families where both parents/carers are working (or one if a lone parent) and earn at least the equivalent of minimum wage for 16 hours a week but under £100,000 per year may be eligible for 30 hours (from September 2017).

Please be aware that the entitlement to a free place does not offer a guarantee of a place at any one provider or a particular pattern of provision.

Check if you are eligible and sign up to 30 hours childcare and/or tax free childcare:


Safeguarding is our main priority at WUFA if you would ever like to discuss any concerns or advice in general please do speak to one of our designated Leads

Kate Bailey/Donna Pratley/Michele Quarterman       Click here to see our safeguarding lead professionals poster

You can also find up to date information and emergency contacts on the following Oxfordshire website:

Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board


NOTE: All policies are updated inline with guidelines and information received from the Early Years Alliance. Signed and dated copies of these policies can be found in our front hall and our Office.

Covid-19 Policy Updates

Risk assessment Covid-19

Covid-19 After school Club Policy

Click here for a link to the government guidelines for Out of School Clubs 

Click here to see our safeguarding lead professionals poster during COVID-19

1.1 Children’s rights and entitlements
1.2 Safeguarding children young people and vulnerable adults
1.3 Looked After Children
1.4 Uncollected child
1.5 Missing child
1.6 Online safety
2.1 Employment
2.2 Student Placements
3.1 Induction of Employees and Volunteers
3.2 First Aid
4.1 The Role of the Key Person and Settling In
5.1 Staffing
6.1 Administering Medicines
6.2 Managing children who are sick, infectious, or with allergies
6.3 Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents
6.4 Nappy Changing
6.5 Food and Drink
6.6 Food Hygiene
7.1 Promoting Positive Behaviour
8.1 Health and Safety General Standards
8.2 Maintaining Children’s Safety and Security on Premises
8.3 Supervision of Children on Outings
8.5 Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation
8.6 Animals in the Setting
8.7 No Smoking
9.1 Valuing Diversity and Promoting Inclusion and Equality
9.2 Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs
9.5 British Values
10.2 Admissions
10.5 Parental Involvement
10.6 Children’s Records
10.7 Providers’ Records
10.8 Transfer of Records to School
10.9 Confidentiality and Client Access to Records
10.10 Information Sharing
10.11 Working in Partnership with Other Agencies
10.12 Making a Complaint
11.1 After School Collection
11.2 Late and Non Collection of Child
Whistleblowing policy

Allegations Against a Member of Staff

Privacy Notice

WUFA – Behaviour Policy (Over 8’s)

All our policies, useful information and Parent Suggestion Box can be found in our main front hall in the WUFA Pre-School building.