Community at the heart of WUFA

Out and about in Woodstock:

As a charity part of our commitment to Woodstock is to build strong links within the community. The benefits to children, the team and the community are far reaching and we find it adds a real depth to the children’s learning and our overall curriculum.

We try and get out as much as we can, this can depend on what we are working on within the setting. For example if we are celebrating Armistice Day we would make a wreath and walk it to the local Church. At Christmas we will make Christmas cards and deliver them to the residents of Spencer Court Residential Care home. We will quite often go on Nature Walks, post letters, it is all about learning about our Community. Pre pandemic we would also invite visitors to our setting and to date these have been local Story Tellers, Fire fighters, the Mayor, Town Councillors, Woodstock’s Curate, Health Visitor and teachers of local settings especially around transition times. Our most recent visitor was a Pony who came to take home one of our children on their last day!

We would like to personally thank all of our local friends, business owners and colleagues for your continued support. A big thank you to Blenheim Palace who open their doors to us for Team Building days, Staff and Committee meetings all of which we really appreciate.